[Suggestion] Time Tracker: Calculate Start/End Time

Periodically, I track my time with my stopwatch on my iPhone. When I go to enter it into the tracker I know the hours/minutes worked. When you enter that information alone it is not accepted and tracker wants a start and end time. As I build up time over the month I would like to add it to time tracker or ultimately use time tracker directly to save my time worked. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enter the time worked and move forward. Or at least enter a start or end time with the hours worked and have it calculate the missing time. Thanks.

In the iPhone app you have the option to enter multiple start and end times.

Where the elapsed time is displayed, if you click on that row, it takes you to the list of times, where you can add additional times in.

I did see that feature. I was looking to enter say a start time of 0800 and then enter that I was there for 6 hours and have it auto calculate my end time of 1400.