[Suggestion] Tickets

The only thing I really miss in Invoice Ninja is a some kind of ticketing-system where customers can create tickets in their dashboard/portal or any place really (by including a form on any page of a website).

A priority system (low - medium - high) would be a great additional feature.
When customers create a ticket, both the customer and staff will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
If a staff member processes the ticket and wants to charge the customer for their request, one button could redirect the staff member to the page where he/she could create an invoice for the ticket/support request.

What do you think of this suggestion?

Thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe down the road… it’s a bit outside our core focus but I could see it being of value to some users.

Perhaps some sort of Zapier-style integration with Spiceworks Helpdesk? Although I have no clue how to even begin such a project.

Hey yorricknl,

Why don’t you check out OpenSupports? https://www.opensupports.com/

Looks great, very straightforward… maybe you or someone else could develop an ‘user sync’ between Invoice Ninja and OpenSupports in order to achieve single sign on.