Suggestion for an important feature for the expense module


I really like the addition of the new expense module.

However, if we could somehow attach a file (pdf or scan of the invoice) to the expense, it would be really great and would please my accountant a lot :wink:

Just saying.

Agreed, this will be included in an upcoming release.

Great. Thanks!

I can Attach the document to the expanse. Let’s say jpg or pdf. But later on I can not view it. Only Remove file is available. No download. What is the Expenses module actually designed for?

I was thinking it’s the opposite of the invoice. For my outcome payments - bills. I create an expense, set due date, include jpg scans / PDF invoices that I got in my inbox from my vendors. Then system reminds me when I need to pay the bills.

Is this the correct approach? else I’m missing something.

Thank you - v2.5.2

The main use for expenses is to convert them to invoices so you’re able to easily bill your clients.

When you attach a document to an expense and then invoice it, the document is automatically attached to the invoice.

Yes, that explains it. I was trying to use the feature for something it was not designed for.

What I was referring to should be Bills module or similar. To just put in all the bills (scans, PDFs, payment details…) and the sistem reminds when it’s time to pay.


It definitely needs to be able to get downloaded in the expense itself though… It just stands there unclickable.

I use it to track expenses that I can bill or not. The attached file is the proof that my accountant wants so much.

There are different way to use it.