Suggestion - Bug Bounty Programme

I tried searching the forums but couldnt find anything regarding a bug bounty programme.
Since v5 is still fairly new, I think a bug bounty programme would encourage more community members to come forward to report as well as help resolve bugs.
Now I understand that InvoiceNinja is open-source so the community is expected to contribute anyway, but I believe that a bounty would help boost bug finding and fixing.
Who is going to fund it, you ask? No one needs to. In exchange for finding and helping fix bugs, you can offer your own premium services, depending on whether the contributor is using Hosted (Premium can be offered) or Self-Hosted (Whitelabel can be offered).
Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Curious to know what the community thinks?

I see that this topic got about 34 views, but sadly no response from the community.
Which is surprising, because who doesn’t like a token of gratitude for supporting a cause?
The only inference I zero in on, was that people probably come to the forums only to resolve their issues, and take the first flight out as soon as it gets resolved. Do you concur @hillel ?
Also, any proposals to get some more community involvement?
I also wanted david’s input on this but did not want to tag him unnecessarily if he is busy with development.
Do you think we should seek his input on this? @hillel

We can leave this idea open for now and come back to it if there’s more interest.

@david anything to add?


If there is significant interest we can certainly look into it.

I think the nature of projects like this is most people are only motivated to report issues that are impacting their use case / testing.

We’re all for creating a bigger / more engaged community. I think the main area we could see this develop is customizations such as Invoice Designs or extending Invoice Ninja into users workflows.

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