Suggestion: Apply Credit Button from Invoice

I am not seeing a way to do this so if it doesn’t already exist I would like to recommend that when creating an invoice that there is some sort of alert/banner/button to show there is a credit on the customers account that you could click to apply it to the invoice.

From what I see, I need to select the credit and from there apply it to the invoice. When I do this it defaults to the full balance of the invoice that I picked and not the balance of the credit so you have to go back and look at the credit amount and make sure that is what you enter when the credit is applied. Would be nice to be able to do this all right from the invoice.

The “paid to date” line doesn’t show in the invoice editor, just the lower balance, but does show on the PDF as “paid to date”. I wish it would show as a credit or even a line item with the credit details that were associated with the credit.

Thanks for the feedback!

One solution may be to show the credit balance next to ‘Apply Credit’ on the payment creation page.

I second @mikeorlando02 recommendation. I was testing Credits and was surprised when creating Invoices, I have no way to know there may be available Credits that could be applied for a customer. I’m using v5 Hosted version.

In v5 the total available credits is shown on the client overview page. When creating a payment the credit dropdown will only be shown if the selected client has available credits.