Suddenly 404 errors

Hey there!
I’m on V5.4.12 (as my shared webhosting doesn’t offer CLI PHP 8.1 yet).
I was offline for two weeks, and when I came back, InvoiceNinja didn’t work anymore. I get a 404 error when directly accessing IN, but also when adding /index.php or even /update?secret=secret or a direct link to an invoice on the client portal.
I copied over the source files from V5.4.12, but I still get a 404 error.
All the other apps on my webhosting work very well, so I’m confused what could be wrong…
Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks a lot and best


@david do you have any suggestions?

Hard to diagnose this with limited information. 404’s typically would mean that the APP_URL is incorrectly configured most likely.

There are no errors in laravel.log nor in my server’s log file.
The APP_URL seems to be correct, I didn’t change it:

Hey @david
The support of my hoster is pretty sure that the .htaccess redirect rules are causing the problem. Is there a way to test that?
Thanks a lot!