Subtotal exlcude tax

Hi There

Customers are confused by the $Subtotals block:


“Zwischensumme” means subtotal and should actually show netto prices (before tax). Can one change this? So it shows:

Zwischensumme: 510.68 CHF
MwSt: 39.32 CHF
Total: 550.00 CHF

Thank you for your response in advance!


In the next version of the app we’ve added the ability to determine where the subtotals are shown.

Hi there

Thank you very much for the information - is there a release plan? when approximately will this be released?


The new version is available to selfhosters now, you can try the demo here:

We’re currently getting the new hosted platform ready and hope to make it available in a few weeks.

thanks a lot for the information!!