Subscriptions Page missing

Hello there!

I’m refering to this feature here:

I have a self hosted invoice ninja v5.6 running inside docker.
I cannot find this subscriptions feature anywhere. If I login as one of my clients, I can see the “Subscriptions” client page with an empty table. But I cannot find it in the admin area. Its neither in the sidebar nor on the settings page.

Is this feature disabled by default or am I just dumb?


It’s been renamed to “Payment Links” in the app.

@david do you want me to update the docs?

Okay - I wasn’t expecting that. Thanks!

@hillel okay, I was also look for this as it’s not clear in the docs and why is it only changes in admin and not all the way then (client and admin) so it’s the same terminology that is used for the feature?


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll work to correct it.

cc @david

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