Sub Headings in Quote table

Often I need to have subsections in my quotations, as there are varous options for the client to choose from. For example:

Option 1…$999.00
Option 2…$888.00

Option 1…$444.00
Option 2…$555.00

I can see Invoice Ninja doesn’t seem to have this capability. I can see how I could amend it to not show the Line Total when an item is $0.00. That line would then appear like a Sub Heading.

If this is ok to do, and there appears no better way, any idea which line of code I can change to say “if line total == 0, don’t display”?

The change would most likely be in this file:

Note: to make changes you need to install the 3rd party JS libraries with bower and then recompile the JS with gulp.

Second this, slightly different use case in that I like having headings for each sub-section of the complete quote/invoice. I like having $0 lines show up though. Would be nice if there was a product that I could select that wouldn’t have a price though and I can type anything into the description. It’s not really important but would make for cleaner invoices for me.


One option may be to use markup by starting a line with ##

You can further refine the style by changing the ‘subheader’ style in a custom design.

I tried something like that, but you’d still have $0.00 on the cost next to that sub heading wouldn’t you?

Yes, that is true.

Subheadings would definately be a great feature to have. I have to manually edit each PDF in Acrobat in order to add this at the moment.

Perhaps a drop down next to each line to give the option of making it a subheading from the contents of the first cell.

I agree it’d be great to add however we haven’t decided on the best implementation yet.

It’s always a challenge to add more features without adding too much clutter to the UI…