Stripe: The number parameter is required

I’m on 4.5.9 and I’ve enabled Stripe as payment gateway.

When I try and a view in client portal a particular customers invoice then try to pay it.

  1. The credit card fields are disabled (greyed out).
  2. When I click on Pay Now I get the following error: Stripe: The number parameter is required

What I want to know is:

  1. Is it because I’m entering into the clients portal that the credit card fields are disabled?
  2. If I click on Pay now should Ninja send me to Stripes secure site where I enter in the credit card information? The reason why #1 is disabled?

Any help appreciated.

I’ve seen the “The number parameter is required” error in the past when the Stripe keys are invalid, I’d suggest trying to generate new API keys in the Stripe portal to see if it helps.

Also, check the browser console for any JavaScript errors.

Thanks for the reply Hillel,

I tried changing keys but got the same error.

Does invoiceninja use v1 stripe protocol? There is an option to upgrade in Stripe: You’re upgrading to the latest API version from 2018-09-24.

So I did check the browser console for Java Script errors and indeed this is what helped me to fix my issue.

I have both http and https enabled for my selfhosted invoiceninja.

Customers who came in on http are not allowed to enter in the credit card information which in turn gave the stripe error. I’m sure this was by design from the developers (and rightfully so).

So to fix my issue, I created a redirect on port 80 to 443 within our webserver.

All is good now.

Thanks very much for your help.

Great to hear, thanks for sharing the solution!

Least I can do and thanks for a great program.