Stripe only shows credit card option to client

Hello again, i have added Stripe for testing, mainly to support “Sofort” bank transfer, but it is not showing up, when i open payment pages.

Right now enabled are credit card, Sofort and bank transfer, but only credit card is showing up. If i disable credit card, it shows no option for payments.

Might there be some option missing in my Stripe account or something? Or should i create an issue on Github?

@david, @ben any ideas?

Have you enabled sofort specifically in the App? You’ll need to go into the app, and go to the stripe gateway - edit it and then in Fees and LImits, change the payment method to sofort and then enable it.

Thanks for your reply, but if i understand you correctly, this actually is pretty much what i have done… .

There’s filtering applied on this one.

In order for SOFORT to be displayed, client country must be set to one of supported:

Hmm i have double checked my test-client and my company. Both are set to germany :thinking:

I have just tested it on my instance & it seems to be working just fine.


  1. I’ve enabled Sofort (Online payments > Stripe > Limits and fees)
  2. Set client billing address country to Germany.

I am sorry, but do you mean on any other place but the client profile? I couldn’t find such a setting in the Stripe-Module config.

Just in case, i have completed the test profile even more now, but i still only have credit card where you now got both entries.

Update: i now have created more testaccounts. Only thing that i have learned is that if the name in Details contains a number, the dropdown becomes empty. For good measure i have created another proper one to be sure, where then also only the credit card option showed up.

I made an edit in the admin panel, but I think that should work as well.

@david any ideas?

I can’t create this.

As long as:

Sofort is enabled in Stripe
User is in sofort compatible country {GER}
User currency is EURO

I am able to see Sofort appear in the list.

I am sorry. I have triple checked everything and still only see credit card as an option for the client - or none, if i disable credit card.

About my setup:
I was previously testing with a testsetup using docker-compose. Today i have moved (or rather switched) to a non-dockerized environment with a fresh setup, which shall be my production setup now, on php7.4 but Debian and i am using the Git release tag for versioning (though i am not sure if this would even be needed with the v5 updater).

The only thing i could identify to be missing was the webhook on the Stripe side, but this obviously did not activate SOFORT for me.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-03-12 18-05-26 Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-03-12 18-05-06

The check is for DEU, but shouldn’t it be DE? → invoiceninja/CountriesSeeder.php at d79c936875f49c9ffd085cdd6274bb95c69de590 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub
Just altering app/PaymentDrivers/StripePaymentDriver.php and running optimize didn’t fix it for me tho… .

Also: Bank Transfer is also missing.

Can you try appending ?clear_cache=true to the URL and hit enter? Your gateways/payment methods may need updating.

This sadly did not help. I have tried multiple urls with clear_cache=true appended and disabled my browsercache - just in case - through the console for the client portal and during refreshing the mainpage with it appended.

Hey, @milan I invite you to join us on the Slack to chat about this in real-time. Solution for others will be posted here, eventually :+1:


I have found the issue and the fix is checked into v5-develop,