Stripe Integration different than Hosted version: how to connect?


I’m trying to connect Stripe to my self-hosted Cloudron IN app. I’ve watched the tutorial video on IN’s youtube channel but it’s different for us self-hosters as we don’t have “Stripe Connect”, we have plain “Stripe” and the link doesn’t take us to a page to select our company on Instead, I’m redirected to a page with API keys and stuff. However, in IN it says, “Account_id”. What is that field and how do I connect to Stripe?

IN Version 5.3.48 self-hosted on Cloudron.

This is a screenshot of my self-hosted app on Cloudron. There is no gateway setup button.

This is a screenshot of a test account on for comparison.


People self-hosting the app should be able to use Stripe keys to connect.

@david any thoughts?

so you’re saying the Stripe secret key goes into the Account_id field?

From the screenshot it looks like there may be a bug in the app. You’re seeing the “Stripe Connect” option however because you’re selfhosting the app I’d expect you to see the “Stripe” option.

Which version of the app are you using?

The darkmode screenshot is my self-hosted app. The other is a test account I made on

I posted the screenshots for comparison. I should have mentioned that in an edit. My bad.

As for the version, I’m using the one right before the latest so 5.3.48

In your selfhost app are you seeing Stripe or Stripe Connect?

Stripe. The picture with a darkmode theme is my self-host app dashboard.


The hosted implementation of Stripe is different than Self Host, this is due to Stripe Connect requiring an OAuth authentication vs plain Api Key for Self Host.

There is no practical difference for self hosters between either, they simply use different authentication mechanisms.

so how do I connect? please see my screenshot in the original post if you haven’t already (darkmode dashboard is my self-host app).


Did you export a company from our hosted servers and upload to a self host? that is the only way I can think you could end up in this state.

No, but I did clone the app in Cloudron from a backup. Let me do a fresh install and check if the issue persists.

You nailed it, David. A fresh install seems fine.