Stripe Import

We are migrating from another billing solution and don’t want to ask our clients for their credit card information. Is there a way to export data from Stripe, then bring it into InvoiceNinja?

We are self-hosted on version 4.5.17, the standard Stripe customer export fields include:
Created (UTC)
Card ID
Card Last4
Card Brand
Card Funding
Card Exp Month
Card Exp Year
Card Name
Card Address Line1
Card Address Line2
Card Address City
Card Address State
Card Address Country
Card Address Zip
Card Issue Country
Card Fingerprint
Card CVC Status
Card AVS Zip Status
Card AVS Line1 Status
Card Tokenization Method
Cancel At Period End
Account Balance
Business Vat ID

Yes, you can import your Stripe customer cards on Settings > Import/Export.

I have tried exporting all fields & the standard five field export from Stripe, each time I get an error:
The following records failed to import, they either already exist or are missing required fields.

I am exporting customers from:

Any idea where I am going wrong?

  • Do the clients exist with matching email addresses?
  • Are you selecting Stripe when importing?

I am selecting Stripe. I didn’t realize the clients were supposed to exist when importing.
I imported the client, then imported Stripe - it’s working perfectly.

Thank you!

PS: I’d like to be sure I didn’t miss anything else. Is the described in the documentation?

Here are the relevant docs but this functionality isn’t detailed