Stripe gateway stopped working

I know this was working a few releases ago, but have found that the Stripe payment gateway has been broken at some point. Upon selecting the Pay Now > Credit Card option in the client portal, a 500 error is generated. The Stripe account shows incomplete payments for the amount of the invoice. Finding the following in the laravel.log:

[2021-01-20 04:01:35] production.ERROR: Livewire encountered a missing mount method when trying to initialise the [required-client-$
When passing component parameters, make sure you have a mount method. {“userId”:12,“exception”:"[object] (Livewire\Exceptions\Mo$
When passing component parameters, make sure you have a mount method. at /data/www/ninja5/vendor/livewire/livewire/src/LivewireMan$

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. I’ll try to replicate it and let you know :+1:

can you try running

php artisan view:clear

Hey there, I’m unable to replicate this, I suggest doing what David said:

php artisan view:clear


I tried the above, but same results.
I also notice that, even though I have multiple payment type switches enabled in the gateway settings (credit card, bank transfer, apple pay), when in the client portal, upon selecting Pay Now, the only option is Credit Card. Selecting it still gives me the 500 error, and same messages in the laravel.log. Also still see the incomplete payment in the stripe account, despite never getting to a point to enter card info.

Hey there, I’m unsure, honestly. This doesn’t happen to me. Here’s one thing you can try:

  1. Open: app/Http/Livewire/RequiredClientInfo.php
  2. Before handleSubmit() method add following:
public function mount() {}
  1. Run: php artisan view:clear

Code should look like this (before/after):

Adding that line fixed the issue!

I’m assuming that will go away the next time the app updates?

It’s weird cause it doesn’t cause the issue on my PC. However, I’ll add it since it can’t hurt & it fixes it for you.

Thanks for confirmation :+1:

This has been merged into the latest v5-develop. Thanks!