Stripe fees example rounding error


The fee example says $3.29, when it should say $3.3. Since according to the formulas in “Learn More” link, the fee amount should be $3.2955715756950000 - rounds up to 3.3…

Verified with forumla in excel and 3rd party calculator Stripe Fee Calculator (2023) - Easily Calculate Stripe Fees & What to Charge.

Is this by design? Same rounding mechanism used in other calculations?


Thanks for catching this, we’ll make sure it’s corrected.

Do you see the same issue with an actual invoice or it just the help message?

I’m in the process of figuring out how to include CC processing fees after the sales tax (currently it is added before) - that throws off the math a bit, so I didn’t look into the rounding on actual invoices.

Ok, we’ll look into it.

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Thanks but I think this is a different issue. The problem here is with the calculation itself not the rounding.

I think you may be replying to the wrong post.