Stripe credit card reader

I have looked around and do not see any reference to physical credit card readers. I’m specifically talking about on the stripe platform. Is this already an option and I am just not finding it, or is this something currently not integrated?


@david are you familiar with this?

I didn’t realise Stripe has readers. I do know Square has this functionality?

@david Square has that functionality. I guess my questions should have been more broad. Are credit card readers in general supported?


I think the limitation is integrating into hardware isn’t a simple proposition, so we don’t have a turnkey solution for this.

Square has locked up the market for this kind of functionality with slick native apps that interface directly to their own readers.

@david I did some digging into the square and stripe docs today and found this. Just looking for your feedback if this integration would be possible.

Square Terminal (they reference POS software as the integration but my thinking is that doesn’t matter)

The API:

They are still actively adding features:

Square Reader (my understanding is this is more for the mobile credit card readers)

Flutter app:

Stripe Terminal-

A quick summary is both platforms support using their credit card readers to integrate with custom
apps, but just their native apps.