Stripe Bank Transfer missing


Even when enabling the bank transfer option of the Stripe payment gateway the option is not displayed to clients.
My clients are all UK based

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 01.47.06


I believe we only support US ACH bank transfers with Stripe, I’ll look into whether we can open this up to other regions now.

Thanks David. Would be fantastic if you could support it for UK customers also :grinning:

implementation of Stripe’s BECS support for Australia would be great too.


This is already available, you just need to enable it

@david Did you ever get the chance to look into this for UK customers?


Not yet sorry.

As this is a Stripe gateway the bulk of our users rely on this, so we need to do a painful amount of testing to ensure we don’t break anything.

It is on our list thou!