Stripe: Apple Pay

I see on previous forums there have been issues with Stripe and Apple Pay. Have these been resolved?

If so, could you please provide instructions on how to get this setup?

Currently, the following error happens when clients select that payment option in the portal:

There was an error processing your payment [0]. Please try again later. Message:

  • Unable to register Domain with Apple Pay.


@david can you please advise?


In Settings > Online Payments > Configure Gateways - open your Stripe and click on Credentials.

You’ll need to ensure yo uhave your apple domain verification field filled in. This can be generated in Stripe you’ll want to paste the text in this field and then apple pay should work.

Thanks @david.

However, I do not get that same view when I open Credentials in Stripe. Here is what I see:

Hi Ben,

I have a fix for this in the next release on Sunday.

Ok, sounds good, thank you! I’ll test it out then and let you know how it goes.

Just wondering if the “Sunday release” has been released yet? If not, when and how do I make sure I’m using the new release? We told clients they could pay with Apple Pay, so they’re asking us when this will be available. Thanks!


Not to be super pesky, but would like to know one way or the other if Apple Pay will be compatible with Invoice Ninja and Stripe. Thanks


On release today (06-Mar-2022), the configuration for the domain verification will appear.

Awesome, thank you so much!