Stripe ACH direct debit vs bank transfer

Hi, I’m looking to set up “Bank transfer” for my clients as a payment method through Stripe, but I found something odd.

Bank transfer is different from the ACH direct debit. Bank transfer, stripe generates a virtual bank account for the client to “push” money to, rather than the “pull” of direct debit.

But, right now, in InvoiceNinja, Bank Transfer in the gateway settings actually does ACH pulls (direct debit). This works fine, with “bank transfer” enabled. Enabling direct debit as a method doesn’t seem to add anything. So either I’m doing something wrong here or maybe the API integration isn’t set up right for the bank transfer payment method with Stripe?


@david can you please advise?


Stripe has many different types of bank transfers.

You can enable / disable then in the Settings panel:

Just to note, we only show the available payment methods that are available in your clients region based on their currency and country

Thanks, I’m familiar with that settings panel. Enabling “Bank transfer” enables what stripe refers to as “ACH Direct Debit”, which seems to work well. Enabling “Direct Debit” with that already enabled doesn’t seem to add any additional payment options. There doesn’t seem to be a way to enable what Stripe refers directly to as “Bank Transfer” (Bank transfer payments | Stripe Documentation), which is where the customer is given a Stripe-generated virtual bank account number to push their payments to from their end.


Ah I see. It looks like Stripe added this in since we added this method. We’ll get it added in.