Stripe Account sync

I wonder if there is a way to automatically sync Stripe transactions/payments so I can use Stripe on my website to process payments and invoice ninja to manage invoices


One option may be to use a tool like Zapier.

Was wondering the exact same thing, found the STORE API from Invoice Ninja but there’s no native integration at the moment, I think.

At the moment, I’m trying to set up n8n to connect Invoice Ninja and WooCommerce. I will share my experience. Maybe I have time after my Bachelor to write a plugin for Invoice Ninja and WooCommerce.

@hillel is their more dokumentation on the Storefront API?

The API isn’t well documented but there’s an SDK written in Dart

Hey, I just took a quick look at it, at first glance, it seems not possible to code a WordPress plugin with Flutter. I’ll have to resort to the standard API. My N8N workflow is currently designed for only one product because I haven’t figured out how to dynamically configure the InvoiceNinja node yet.