Stripe 500 Error when deleting payment method


I am getting a 500 | Server Error when trying to delete a payment method from the client portal.

The payment method is an ACH if that matters.

From debug I get:

I am running:
Ubuntu 20.04
System health all checks ok (can’t post the picture limited to only 1)

Steps I have tried:
I have gone into my Stripe account and deleted the payment method and all instances of the client
Cleared cache and cookies
artisan view:clear

Not sure if this is similar to this situation thread:

I haven’t tried replacing the files with fresh ones and keeping my .env and config/* but I can if its advised.



Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

Hi Hillel,

Sorry for the delay in getting back. As a followup, I have updated all files to the latest V5.2.1-C51 only keeping my .env and it still throws the same error.