Status_logo - Invoices marked as PAID, even if not


Invoices will show as paid (Invoice template) even if not.





@david any ideas?


Are you using a custom design?

The only other possibility is your base designs have not updated.

php artisan ninja:design

We have added in the follow to the .is-paid class to control whether it is shown or not

    .is-paid {
        color:  #D23;
        border: 1rem double  #D23;
        transform: rotate(-5deg);
        font-size: 6rem;
        font-family: "Open sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
        border-radius: 0;
        padding: 0.5rem;
        opacity: 0.2;
        z-index:200 !important;
        position:  fixed;
        display: $show_paid_stamp;

Hm, yes I have custom design.

But it doesn’t seem to be working even for built templates (Plain, Clean, Bold) as changing template within invoice itself.

However removing line display: $show_paid_stamp; will show it but it will show on all invoices, not just paid ones. Is there any other setting to enable this anywhere?

Thank you


I’m not sure. We use a filter which toggles the paid stamp only if the entity is paid and the show_paid_stamp setting is turned on:

$data['$show_paid_stamp'] = ['value' => $this->entity->status_id == 4 && $this->settings?->show_paid_stamp ? 'flex' : 'none', 'label' => ''];

The fact that is is showing all the time indicates that the css is return true all the time. Have you tried running

php artisan ninja:design

Well yes, there is a setting that I overlooked :slight_smile:

The should work now.

Thank you

It’s working now, but it’s not there on View PDF and Download PDF…?

Is this by design?