Statement Numbering and Late fees

Hi Hillel,

second and last questions for today around statements and late payments.

I figured out how to make a statement for a client who owes me a big chunk of money. When clicking on Clients and then on the blue button VIEW STATEMENT a new pdf opens up listing all open bills. The statement though takes the following available Invoice Number. Is there an option for the statement not to take the next invoice number but just say statement as it is not per se a new accountancy document but a nicely list of unpaid bills.

In that same line how does the late fee system work as this creates a new accountancy document due to the addition of the late payment fees. I want to handle it manually decide when to send it. This is done I guess by not Enabling it to send an email. But how would I call up the new invoice with the late payment fee manually

Our law is very clear here: I can issue the new bill “whenever” I want so even three months after due date and include an administrative fee of x EUR as well as 8% prorated to the number of days which passed since due date. Is the calculation within invoiceninja also following such a logic?

That’s it for my current questions
Again many thanks for any enlightment


I’m not sure, in my tests the statement isn’t showing an invoice number. It may be related to your design, which are you using?

The late fees are added as line items to the invoices, they don’t create new invoices.

Hi Hillel,

I’m using custom 1 on self-hosted.

In custom one there is a text field where I have are three entries:
$entityTypeUC, #, $invoiceNumber
$entityTypeUC replaces according to case with Quote, Invoice or Statement
I do not share invoice and quote counter so I guess $invoiceNumber replaces accordingly with the correct number
How to avoid then the number appearing for a statement?

Thanks for the information on late fees adding as line items to existing invoice. That’s fine. Now I cannot dummy test this so easily in my installation (should make a sandbox installation for that)

  • Will it add the fees also if sent invoices are locked in .env?
  • Will it add the fees automatically on the days set in Templates & reminders. If invoice is sue on 1st and I say seven days after on 8th i will see the invoice with the late fee?
  • What if I issue/send the invoice with reminder later? Will it be recalculated? I’m now in a situation where a client is 4 weeks past due date. How can I add him the late fees for this period (fixed fee and 8% for the 4 weeks).

Sorry for these detailed questions. I already realized that I need to change my attitude for handling such cases but for now I’m looking for a way to handle current case

Again many thanks for any hint(s)!!!

Which design is your custom design based on?

  • Locking invoices will disable this feature.
  • Yes, that’s correct.
  • No, we don’t recalculate. I’d suggest manually adding the fee.

Sorry was indeed not precise enough : My Custom Design is based on Plain template

I think I understand the problem, we’ll look into correcting it.

Note: with the fix you’d end up with “Statement #”

Thanks Hillel,
no worries for the # i’ll take it out from my template - isn’t really needed
Looking forward to the fix