"Standing invoice within the meaning of §14 UStG"

Hello all,
One of my customers would like to create standing invoices.

First the explanation of the term for everyone outside of Germany:

"Standing invoices are invoices that are issued regularly over a fixed period of time (e.g. calendar year). With a standing invoice, both the supplier can fulfill his obligation to issue an invoice and the recipient can claim the input tax deduction on the basis of an existing invoice. "

So my customer would like to create this invoice in January, for this he would use the Recurring Invoices, because this is needed every year. Here then select the frequency annually.
Now the customer needs the invoice for his own accounting monthly and also in the balance reports for the accounting this invoice must appear monthly, because his customer also pays the invoice monthly.

I can possibly control the printout via the API, but what is the best way to get this invoice into the report?

I am grateful for any food for thought.



I’m not sure if this is supported.


unfortunately I have to check again and hope for help.

My customer has just today again referred to the issue of standing invoice.
Here again the procedure of such an invoice:

  • Invoice is created as recurring in January with a service period from January to December and an amount of 1000.00 Euro (monthly), repeating annually.
  • The customer of my customer settles this invoice, with the same invoice number, altogether twelve times, the 1000,00 Euro
  • My customer needs now monthly the option to mark this invoice as “paid” and to output it in the monthly balance report for accounting / tax consulting

The whole situation will probably not be necessary outside Germany, but I would be grateful for any food for thought.

Many thanks and best regards


I think using a recurring invoice would be the best option. You may be able to add a custom invoice field to add a fixed invoice number which is shared across all invoices generated.