SSO via link on personal website

I’m building a personel website and want users that login to that website be able to click on a link and SSO login to the invoiceNinja client portal. Is there a way to SSO from my personal website to the SelfHosted Invoice Client Portal


One option may be to use the API to access the contact’s client portal link to redirect them.

Oeps, Then I need some help.

Can I call an url with example the username and then let the user enter a password or

I found the url :

-H “Content-Type:application/json”
-d ‘{“email":"”,“password”:“Password0”}’
-H “X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest”;

Please your advise


To use the API you’d want to create a token in the app on Settings > Account Management and then set the token in the header.

There are some sample client requests here:

Thanks. Gonna studie that page and see if I will be able to get this to work.