South African language files

Hi there

I would like to contribute language files for South Africa. Including South African English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Xhosa and others as I go.

I am not simply using Google Translate but paying people who natively speak each respective language to assist in getting the language files 100% correct.

How would I go about submitting a contribution?


The app’s languages are managed here, however I’m not sure we’d include less-common languages in the codebase.

Well the languages I want to submit are widely spoken in South Africa. I am wanting to submit them for free at my own expense, as I am trying to motivate more people to switch from SageOne or Quickbooks to a selfhosted Invoice Ninja 5. You guys have nothing to lose?

Most Linux Distributions, and Windows come with support for these languages.

The challenge we have is that all languages are bundled with the Flutter app, they aren’t loaded on demand. For desktop and mobile this is less of an issue however on web this can cause the app to take longer to download.

@david does the React web app load the user’s specific language or are all languages loaded?


You would think they would make it only download the assets required, and maybe download other assets needed in the background… like a lazy load.

It may be possible it just isn’t how the app is currently designed.

Understood. Well I would still like to submit.

I will also be working on a payment gateway soon for Yoko, one of the fastest growing Card Payment companies in South Africa. And they are top notch. I use them myself, have one of their machines. Paid R200 which is USD10. No monthly fee, just pay per transaction.

I see Afrikaans and South African English are already on the list. I will work on those first and get them finished.

Thanks for your help! In case you haven’t seen it there’s some info on adding payment gateways here:

Yes, i was aware of that page.

I got my mate to ditch QuickBooks. His accountant was skeptical, but after she tried Invoice Ninja 5 she said it was much easier to work with, so he did the switch. But now he is nagging me to sort out his Yoko account, and he also wants his debit orders setup as well. (Debit Order: a monthly banking system here in South Africa where the client authorizes a fixed amount to be taken out their account automatically to pay for a subscription or other recuring fee).

I told him, one step at a time, I am only two people (based on the hours I put in with my coding).

Over time I hope I can contribute more and more. Little bit here, and a little bit there.

One thing I do have on my road map is to somehow make an Invoice Ninja client app for Nextcloud. Mainly because I need it.

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@david does the React web app load the user’s specific language or are all languages loaded?

We only load the users language.

Well then adding languages should have no affect on performance…

Been working on the Afrikaans file, but naturally it is a lot to translate. Will keep going. When I get a language to 100% I will notify you guys, and then move on to the next language.