some problems with invoice customizing and labels

I am using the self-hosted version via docker.
I log in, go to settings => invoice design, select my desired template (all show this issue) then check the preview and the Company section shows my company name and a line: VAT Number: myVATID - exactly as I like it.

BUT when I go create a new invoice, that line “loses” the label, it now only shows myVATID which leaves my clients guessing as to what that weird number represents…

Can someone help? I need that label of VAT Number to show.
I particularly do not want to manually overwrite this label as that would kill the automatic translation into the client language of each invoice.

It looks like a bug, the ‘VAT Number’ label should only be shown if a value is set on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_labels

One option to support multiple langues for the label may be to use a custom design to replace the $accountDetails field stack with the individual fields to show in that section.

so you mean to say this is an error?
I don’t understand why we cannot have labels automatically show. The labels are defined for every field, why not have an option top simply show them? That would also take care of translations as the labels are translated.

I think I’ll check if my German clients will accept English invoices. That seems to be the easiest way to handle this.

Or maybe if I set up a second company? Will a self hosted incoiceninja instance with 2 companies be able to handle one company set to English the other one to German or do they share their settings?

Correct, it’s an error. As you’ve seen it doesn’t match the PDF the client sees.

Agreed, an option is a good idea. We’ll look into adding it.

If you add a new company it’s completely separate.

Thanks, I will now explore the route of having 2 companies with the only difference between them being the language used.
I guess moving clients from one company to the other one isn’t possible?
I’ll try and see if an export/import will solve this problem.

FWIW… I think using a custom design may be a better solution, unless keep the metrics between the companies separate will be helpful.

Its absolutely not helpful to separate anything. All I need to be able to do is write invoice in English and German. Since this project is multilingual I assumed it wouldn’t be a problem and now I’ve been stuck trying to figure out a way forward for days already :frowning:

I found a single guy on selling customizing invoiceninja, not necessarily cheap but its cheaper than wasting my time trying to figure things out. If you have any other suggestions where / how to get a customized invoice design please let me know.
I don’t even need much customizing, invoice in both languages need labels next to some fields and the German invoice needs an extra label + field.

Sorry you feel that you’re wasting your time! We’re constantly working to improve our app, it isn’t perfect but it will be :slight_smile:

Try replacing public/built.js with this file.

I can try replacing that file if you share what the difference is between this one and the stock one? Although I’d have to look into how and exactly where to replace this (running invoiceninja docker version and not 100% confident with docker yet)

Btw. when I said I am wasting time, that was not target towards invoiceninja but I meant that more like this: i am not a coder so having to figure things out to get comfortable with makepdf to add a few labels and extra fields is a waste of time as it will take me way more time than buying a software off the shelf.

It’s the combination of these two commits:

Just trying to help… the nicer you are the nicer we are :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I do appreciate the support in this forum for a free, self hosted version that is awesome. Again, I was not targeting the product, just saying that I need to consider the amount of time needed for me as a non-coder to get this up and working for me vs a software off the shelf vs i.e. hiring someone to modify my invoice templates.

To be honest, I tend towards the latter, I’m in touch with that guy from now.

P.S. I appreciate the link to that .js file but even if I figure out how to inject it into my docker setup it’ll be gone the next time the invoiceninja image gets updated afaik.

Whatever works best for you…

I’ve checked this change into the code, it will be available with the v4.6 release.