Some clients dont get payment received emails

i have smtp setup on my self install v5, and with that tool i can see what emails go out of invoice ninja and what gets clicked. as i review that, i am noticing some of my clients are never sent their emails after they pay or after i initiated auto bill. to my knowledge i never setup anything custom per client, so 100% should get the emails. how can i troubleshoot this and make sure all clients get these emails


I suggest checking the activity in Invoice Ninja to see if the app recorded sending the email.

hi @hillel , checking the “activity” tab in dashboard in flutter UI i cant seem to scroll down past jan 2 and all my invoices were sent jan 1

  • Is there no way to load more activity?

  • is there an activity section in react ui (my preferred ui)?

checking the activity tab at the invoice level, i can see all activity for each invoice, but none of the invoices (including the invoices where i know the client was sent a “payment received invoice”, shows activity related to email sent.

  • should the activity section of a invoice show this info?
  • We can look into increasing the number of activities loaded

  • Feel free to create an issue here to request changes in the React app: Issues · invoiceninja/ui · GitHub

  • Yes, I would expect it to be shown in the activities and/or system logs

  • Thank you, yes seems ideal to have a “load more” button at the bottom of the activity tab, or auto load more past a specific scroll point.

  • done

  • right! but i see nothing related to email sending even on the invoice i know the client got an email from invoice ninja. I do see things like “system applied payment X to invoice Y” or “Client A entered payment B for invoice C” but no “email sent”

is there another way to diagnose this. really need all my clients on auto bill to get their “payment received” emails

The system log in the Flutter app should show the sent emails.

You may want to set yourself as the BCC on Settings > Email Settings to keep an eye on which emails are being sent out.

thank you for confirming the “system log” should show send email logs. i assume that is the log at the dashbaord level and not the log at the invocie level. if so, i have no way of checking until more logs can load or until i send my next invoice, as those logs stop the day before the 1st when my clients pay. not ideal.

If you check the system logs for the client directly you should see more records.

Invoice Log Shows no Email Out Logs
here is what my activity log on a invoice looks like. This is a log for an invoice i know a “payment received” email went out. Note the time Jan 1 2024 at 1:39 for " entered payment and applied payment:

But EMAILS do go out

here is what my SMTP log shows, the one at 1:39 is the client for the invoice screenshot above:

2 problems i see here:

  1. as you say an invoices activity log should show email out logs, and it does not.

  2. my original problem, i dont know why some clients get emails and others do not, when i need them all to.

Please check the “System log” for the client

one step closer thanks.
So the activity related to email out, is not on the invoice but the client.
Checking on the client, i do see they all show activity that reads " payment ch_xxx was emailed to clientNameXXX

Now how do i asses why one client did not get the email but the other did?

If you haven’t already I suggest asking the client to check their spam folder.

thank you, sometimes it is the most obvious things - but in this case its not a check spam thing because my ninja invoice app is installed via cloudron, and my domain in cloudron is setup to send email out via SMTP Which results in all emails out of invoice ninja being logged in Postmarks activity feed. And i do not see an email sent to this client for this invoice (+ she checked her spam). and I know this client can get emails, because i just had her reset her password on the client portal and i see that “Your Password Reset Link” email in my postmark activity.

anything else i can check?

If you’re using Postmark I suggest setting up their webhooks to improve tracking.