[SOLVED] Update 4.2.2 -> 4.3.1 error 500

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to update my old 4.2.2 InvoiceNinja to the ne V5
Iìve tried doing steps, but everytime I get the 500 error and nothing in the laravel logs and in the apache logs.
I’ve downloaded the .ZIP from GitHub.
Trying to run composer install I get

require.gatepay/FedACHdir is invalid, it should not contain uppercase characters. Please use gatepay/fedachdir instead.

…I’m lost!
Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey there, version 5 is a complete rewrite of the application. That said, you’ll have to deploy it as a standalone app.

More on this in our docs: https://invoiceninja.github.io/docs/self-host/

I know, that’s why I’m trying to update my 4.2.2 to the latest V4 version that I know has a migration tool to go to V5

Are you using Composer version 2? Can you please try with version 1 instead.

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That’s it, that was the problem, THANKS A LOT!!!
Migration to 4.5.18 done!
Proceding to migrate to V5

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