[solved] Overpayment forbidden

Hello, I am not able to enter a higher payment amount although I allowed it in the settings.

the error mesage (sorry, german):
422: The given data was invalid.

• Der Betrag ist größer als der Rechnungsbetrag, Eine Überzahlung ist nicht erlaubt.



Are you able to post a screenshot of the edit payment screen?

Hello, oh man, now it’s getting exciting. i wanted to take a screenshot in firefox, that’s easier than in the app, and via firefox it went smoothly. The problem seems to be the app. I will try to reproduce with an other invoice

I’m not sure, I wouldn’t expect different behavior in the app vs browser.

This happens only in the APP. (Version 5.0.104 Rev 34)

What’s the balance of the selected invoice?

it was 23.80. I added 10 cents overpayment. the other case was 29.99 → 32.19

In that case you would need to set 23.90 as the total payment amount and set 23.80 for the invoice.

sorry, i don’t understand. Where do I specify that?

In the total amount field (which is blank) set it to 23.90. In the invoice amount field (which is 23.90) set it to 23.80. This tells the app to create a payment for 23.90 and to apply 23.80 to the invoice.

thank you. i was probably too blind :slight_smile:

I don’t have a total amount field. Mine goes directly from Client to Invoice. There is no line in between to enter the total amount.

I fixed it by going to payment settings → enable applying payments later.