[SOLVED] Not able to install v5.1.14 error 500


I’m experiencing the same issue.
I’m trying to install the self hosted v5.1.14 on ubuntu 20.04.02.
I’ve also tried the v5.1.12

I’m using the self hosted guided for ubuntu from Technically Computers per:

The only thing I’m adding is the following two composer lines before the install:

composer require ‘jean85/pretty-package-versions:^1.5 || ^2.0’
composer require sentry/sdk
composer install --no-dev

When opening the website I land on the /setup page.
I’m able to pass everything inside and when continueing it reloads the setup page.
Forcibly going to the url again takes me to an error 500 page.

I’ve done a new run of the installation and turned on the debug and get the following error:




Thanks for the error details, it may help to run php artisan key:generate


Thanks for the suggestion, during the install I already run it but somehow we are one step further.
Now I’m recieving the next error:

Seems to be related to the next post:

Hi ,
This command fixed mine: php artisan migrate:fresh --seed. Run it in the sites root directory and itll make all the tables, after run the setup again and it should work!


I just saw the comment from David.
Ran it and did the setup again, now runnning into the next error:

I also did a completely new install and running into the same problem.
Having to use php artisan migrate:fresh --seed and then getting the error in the Screenshot.

I’ve been able to solve the last error as well by running:

chmod -R 775 storage