SOLVED: Mobile app - Multi-Company?

Hello, I have 2 issues with the mobile app and maybe someone here has the answers:

1- How can I switch companies in the app?

2- The Dashboard Overview never loads. I get the spinning wheel forever!

Thank you for your assistance


You should be able to change companies using the menu in the top left corner.

I’m not sure about the dashboard not loading. It may help to migrate to the new version of the app, the option is in the web app on Settings > Account Management.

Awww! Well, that explain it!

In case anyone has a similar issue:

The multi-
company option wasnt available, so I figured I should refresh the data and then got this error message:

Anyways, I was finally able to log off the app and relog. Now I DO get the multi-company option and the Overview is also working now! :+1:

I will also look at the v5 version but before I need to make sure that nothing will break our API calls from our proprietary system to Invoice Ninja.

Thanks for you assistance

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s working!

FYI… there’s some info about the v5 API changes here:

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