[SOLVED] Invoice data in wrong places. All Templates

I’m guessing the answer is to delete everything, factory reset, and start over. but that shouldn’t be the solution.

I setup my Invoice Ninja.
Some clients the invoices work correctly.
Others my company name is where their company name should be. or phone numbers in wrong places.
It seems random. like i can delete and create a new client and it might work right or might not.

Is there a way i can make a ticket for someone in the backend to fix the data/template?


It sounds like you may have set custom settings for the client which override the company details. If you clear the settings it should correct the problem.

Note: to update the client’s details you need to click the ‘Edit’ button not ‘Settings’.

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aaah ok, ok, i think i got it. THANK YOU Mr. Hillel

so for future reference:
when you goto settings → Company Details ( no orange bar) that is your company (info for Invoice)
when you goto clients → → settings (orange bar with client name) that is custom settings
The custom settings will change / override YOUR Company details. and is NOT your clients info?
that setting would be useful for contractors working on a primes behalf also most as a way to reskin an invoice to look as if it is coming from the customer/client ( of the contractor )
if that wasn’t confusing enough. Hopefully that is how it works.

So in my case i want to leave the " client → → settings " settings blank. and then everything works as expected in my use case :slight_smile:

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Exactly right, glad to hear it’s sorted.

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