[SOLVED] Client portal not applying CSS? (answer: nginx configuration)

Updated to version 5.7.6. I see the client portal is all unformatted, like the CSS failed to load. Doing a network trace, it shows no 404, but several css.

What do I need to do to figure this out?


Do you see any errors in the browser console?

Which version did you upgrade from? Also, is the the first time you’ve upgraded the app? Maybe there were custom changes made which were erased by the update.

No, no errors. Upgraded from 5.7.5, though I can’t guarantee it didn’t have issues too. One of my customers told me about it when I sent out invoices this past week.

I haven’t made any custom changes to the client portal, or the code base actually. I’ll try looking at more logs, and upgrading to 5.7.7 today.

5.7.7 didn’t fix the problem. Healthcheck from the admin interface doesn’t show anything.

I had APP_DEBUG and EXPANDED_LOGGING enabled, and see nothing in invoiceninja.log and laravel.log. I suspect that may be more for the admin side, not the client.

I’ll have a look at the CSS, possibly missing something there. It does download a valid CSS file.

Alright! Firefox told me - my default browser is chromium.

My CSS files are being passed as application/octet-stream, and not css mime type. I’m guessing when I fix this, my problem will be solved.

Yes, that was it :slight_smile: Always test in multiple browsers INCASE one actually tells you what the problem is!

Glad to hear it’s solved, thanks for the update!