Softaculous Invoice Ninja Upgrade to 4.5.9

Hi Guys,

If you can assist, I am trying to upgrade to version 4.5.9 using my webhost provider and Softaculous.
Get the error :

The following errors were found :

Required PHP extension not found : fileinfo

Changed version of php and made sure the fileinfo was selected and restarted the Apache server.
Still no luck.

learning as I am going along.


I’m not sure I can provide much help, from the error it looks like you need to enable the fileinfo extension.

You may want to reach out to your webhost for advice.

Hi Hilel,

I have enabled it by default and restarted the Apache server as well, but still get the error when trying to upgrade.

Maybe try setting up a phpinfo file to check

@Hilel was issue with the webhost provider the fileinfo permissions was not set correctly.
Thank you sir, once again is there way to close of the questions?

Glad to hear it’s working! Nothing needs to be closed.