Social Login documentation

I’m struggling to find documentation of Social Login. I know there are environment variables which should be set according to this file:

But I entered the URL and only in the React version I see a button in the User Details menu which allows me to connect my account to my Google account. However, the Google login screen stays empty.

Also, I am not getting an option to log in via social providers when I login to my instance.


The feature is intended for use with the hosted platform.

The app keeps you logged in so it’s unclear why this would be useful for selfhosters, are you planning to resell the app?

yes, I am planning to provide a hosting and management service for my customers who need invoicing features.

If you plan to resell the app please send an email to

License: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja

Just sent you a mail :slight_smile:, if not received please check your spam, I have a separate mail domain.

Thanks for your email. As long as each user has their own install of the app and is able to purchase a white label license (if they choose to) it isn’t a problem. Social login won’t be supported though.