Hi all,

I’m using self-host Invoice Ninja 4.5.12 and so far everything work fine except one
issue which I’ve not yet find a solution.

I’ve setup my SMTP using my own domain I’m able to receive test mail and also mail sent
to client. However when I create more user and send them invitation mail it always show
that it send successfully but the mail never reach.

I’ve try to change my smtp to TLS / SSL or change another SMTP server. Nothing fix this issue.

Appreciate if anyone can help.

PS Its not even going into spam folder.


I’m assuming if you’re adding users, they’re on the same domain? If messages to clients are getting out, then I doubt it’s a problem in Invoice Ninja specifically.

I can’t claim to be an expert (far from it, sadly), but first place I’d look would be the error logs on the email server itself. Perhaps there’s something preventing internal messages from getting passed properly, while messages to clients on other domains get through just fine.


Thanks for the reply, it’s same domain as my SMTP.
when clicking test mail button I did receive test mail. So I’m confuse
how come I’m able to receive test mail and mail sending to client but not
adding new user.

It was a new install and I’m really running out on how to get this work.

I even try logging out and try password recovery and nothing coming thru.


After few days of trying all the possible way (What I can think of)
I’ve decide to remove everything include mysql database and do a clean
install again. However it appear a new error which as soon as I click
on setting it just gave me 404 error message.

At that point I then turn to my hosting company ( and try
to see if them have clue, however the support team advise me there is a
rule which was created cause this error and he have remove that rule and
so far everything working without problem. (My wordpress woocommerce also
having problem cause by this rule)

Thanks for all the help and sorry to advise I’ve no idea what rules what
made on their part.