SMTP O365 Relay/Connector Support?

Hi all,

Does Invoice Ninja support O365 Relay/Connector SMTP? The Relay/Connector type is what I have to use because my user login is protected by 2FA. The is no username or password when using Relay/Connector. The connector with O365 only accepts email requests from my public IP instead. From what I can tell, unless a user and password were entered, it won’t even attempt to test the email.

To get through the setup, I had to select “Log” for email. I’m hoping I can change the settings later.



@david any thoughts?


Its the first i’ve heard of this. I have close to zero working knowledge of 0365.

We have no native abilities to support this, but if there is a laravel package you may be able to graft something on to make it work.

The O365 connector authenticates based on IP of the sending server.
The only things needed to make a connection on the Invoice Ninja server are:
MAIL_USERNAME= (Not needed as it authenticates based on ip)
MAIL_PASSWORD= (Not needed as it authenticates based on ip)
MAIL_FROM_NAME=“Full Name With Double Quotes”

I think Invoice Ninja requires the username and password part? @hillel @david
You might be able to use it by inputting some random info as user and pass. @fsociety3765


It may require it in the setup screen form, but the app may not definitely need it… so you can insert dummy values to get past the setup screen, and then remove them after the setup has been done… You can also select the log driver and then configure the .env manually later.