Small UI Bug. Add Save Warning if Back button is clicked when editing Invoices

When editing an invoice and you make a change, but forget to hit Save, then click the Back button, there is no “Save Warning” message so you can easily loose any changes you made, or may not be aware that your changes were not saved. This warning should be added for the Back button.

The save warning is already there, but it only appears if you click on the different side menu, then it warns you to Save your changes before leaving the page view.



Thanks for reporting it! I’m having trouble reproducing it, are you using the web app or the desktop app?

I’m using the Web App in Chrome, Windows 11.

Thanks! It looks like if I add a line item I see warning the but other changes don’t trigger the warning. We’ll make sure this is corrected.

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Great thanks.
BTW, I don’t get any Warnings, no matter what I change, even if I add a Line Item.
But I always get the Warning if I click on any of the side menu to go to an other area.

Actually, the Back button doesn’t seem to have the Save Warning on any of the screens, not just the Invoice Screen.