Slooooooow Loading after server change

I moved from servers and I was having some loading 500 server error screens but I was able to login through my Windows app. Sometimes the page will load, sometimes it will even make my server to block me and I had to whitelist myself. This happened like 5-6 times.

The logs where saying [2023-01-26 18:26:56] production.INFO: db fails and I searched the forum and noticed it was a bug on one of the updates (I was behind few updates).

So I decided to update but I was getting same issues and same logs. I did the clearance and that fix the 500 server error.

Now, when I go to the page it takes forever to load and the log continues saying:
[2023-01-26 18:26:56] production.INFO: db fails
sometimes I have up to 2 logs per second.

What do I need to do to solve the problem?


@david do you have any suggestions?

It sounds like a server issue. Are there any additional logs in storage/logs/laravel.log?

No. Just the same over and over again. One line per second or sometimes 2 lines per second.

Problem was solved. It was a .htaccess issue.


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