Sleep mysql queries

I have V5 hosted on fast comet web hosting and I have received an email from them saying there is a lot of sleep mysql queries.

What are these and how to I fix it?

Here is an excerpt of the email:

During our server monitoring, we have detected a large number of sleep MySQL queries on your package with us:

> FastCloud Basic - xxxxxx.xxxx

Below are some of the queries in question:

| 37009938 | ubeautwo_ninj542 | localhost | ubeautwo_ninj542 | Sleep | 694 | | |
| 37009939 | ubeautwo_ninj542 | localhost | ubeautwo_ninj542 | Sleep | 308 | | |
| 37009941 | ubeautwo_ninj542 | localhost | ubeautwo_ninj542 | Sleep | 693 | | |
| 37009942 | ubeautwo_ninj542 | localhost | ubeautwo_ninj542 | Sleep | 693 | | |



@david do you have any suggestions?

I’m not sure.

If you upgrade to the latest version we no longer use transactions for the live previews, so this may resolve this issue.

I am running 5.7.48.
It is a Softaculous install via cpanel.
Is there any configuration file to stop this?
I don’t even know what the error even means and why it would impact the hosting.

Thanks again.


Because of the sleep mysql quieries my hosting service has been suspended.
I think the only way to get my hosting service back is to uninstall invoice ninja or go back to the older version.

Below is the email I just received.

This email is to notify that your service FastCloud Basic - my domain name has been suspended. Usually, suspensions occur due to non-payment and if you are getting this email before the service’s due date - 29th Sep 2024, please contact our Technical Support Team via your Client area, so you can have the issue revised and rectified.