Simple Guide for Self Hosted installation

I have been using V4 and V5 hosted but have now found that I need to install and use V5 Self hosted.

I have a softaculous account which I assume will suffice but need as much guidance as you can give please. HELP!!



The docs are available here:

Using Softaculous should make the process simpler.

Thanks hopefully this is going to be the end of all my problems.

I am in way over my head here, I thought you said it was easy. Do you have any developers I can pay to do for me please?

You may want to consider using our hosted platform instead.

We recommend this developer but they’re better suited for custom changes than to setup the app. Customize Invoice Ninja - Bold Compass

I am on hosted but it will not work on integromt there is no email field in the V2 setup. I am told much better with self hosted.

I think you may have misunderstood, there’s no difference between the hosted/selfhosted apps with regard to Integromat.

If the client email is not getting set the problem is with the Integromat integration.

There is no option to set the email address in integromat V2. The guy doing the integromat showed me. He can do using the email from Zapier or pabbly. Zapier I hate.

Can’t we just have V4 back.

I suggest contacting Integromat for help, I’m not sure your developer is correct.

Thanks I will try but he showed me the fields. No email option for v2 but there is for V1. Can but try. Thanks

Hi, and @hillel

I just checked as I couldn’t believe it. But unfortunately I have to confirm. The Integromat app for v5 is missing the option to create contacts. The module called “create a client” let you create only a clients with all its details but doesn’t let you create 1 or more contacts under this client.

I will contact my contact at Integromat about this. But usually it takes a while before modules get updated. self-hosting won’t fix this problem. You can use the “make an api call” for this. Or build your own app for this. Let me know if you need help with this.


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Thanks, too late I am having it done . In any event my guy has found a workaround but using Pabbly to create the client.

I thought I was going mad. Hopefully it will now ease it for others.

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Yes please if you could send me details to make an api call for this please and build own app. I would appreciate.

I have no had V% self hosted installed and with a great deal of difficulty managed to get it to send invoices. The only issue existing now is that the pay now button shows the credit card for strip and also the PayPal express option. When you click either nothing happens.
This is now costing me a lot of money and have already lost orders, if people have an issue paying they lose trust in the whole concept of buying my product. Please please help.

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@david @ben any ideas?

I think there will be more information in the browser console, it sounds like javascript isn’t loading.


I have created a HOW-TO on how to create contacts with Integromat.


Hello, Iam getting error in creating pdf file and getting 500 error, i have hosted in please help