Signature for Quotes Cropped on PDF

I’m trying to streamline my quote approval process by using the digital signature feature in Invoice Ninja. I’ve been able to configure the signature option for Quotes and have tested it to make sure it works. Pops up with the signature field and sends just fine. The problem I have is when the signature is embedded on the Quote PDF, it crops about 1/3 of the right part of the signature.

I’ve tried to customize the PDF template using “width” and “fit” attributes to try and get the whole signature to show on the invoice, to no avail. Starting to think that the image of the signature is cropped when it’s captured by the client, but no idea how to test or prove that.

Is there any way to have the full signature appear on the Quote or Invoice PDF, not cropped?


I think you’re right, I believe the signature is cropped when it’s initially captured.

We don’t currently have a fix for this.