Signature at the bottom


I would like to have a signature at the botton of the invoice with the word “Issued” and an image with my signature below.
It would be a simple thing like:

<Signature image>

I tried to do that by customizing the invoices, but i don’t actually know how to do it.
Anyone can help ?

You should be able to add it using a base64 encoded image.

You can see examples on the ‘Images’ tab here:

I try to do it like examples in the footer area, but i keep getting errors.

The image needs to be base64 encoded.

If you’d like help from a developer you can submit a request here:

I can’t afford to pay 200 Euro minimum for this customization, so i was hoping to find some help here.

I hear ya…

Well, even if i delete the image section and i try to enter some simple text like “Issued” according to the it should be some code like

“columns”: [
“text”: “$invoiceFooter”,
“alignment”: “left”

But i still get error message. What am I doing wrong ?

if i enter

text: ‘Issued’

I still get an error message “Bad string”

Try using double quotes (") instead of single quotes (’)

It worked !!

And then to enter the image below the “Issued” i use the code

  image: "data....."

But everything dissapeads after that from the bottom of the page.

Progress… not sure why the rest would disappear though.

Issue solved.

Thank you so much for your help.
I really appreciate it.