Showing Tax Amount on Product Line & Removing word "Tax Invoice" from Delivery Note

Hi everyone,

I have been using invoice ninja white label from months and it is amazing! So thanking the developers and everyone who has been contributing to the app.

Recently some of my clients are requesting to have Tax Amount along with Tax rate on product line. I am not sure if it is doable but if there is some coding that has to be done, I am willing to try.

My Invoice Ninja’s version is v5.3.84-C78. A step by step would be highly appreciated as I am still a beginner in PHP.

Also another issue that I have is when I create delivery notes at the top there is written TAX INVOICE similar to the generated invoice which causes confusion among the clients. Please check picture for reference. Is there a way to hide or remove the word Tax Invoice from Delivery Notes?

Delivery Note
Invoice SS


In the latest version of the app you can add the line item taxes on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns.

I don’t believe the app supports customizing delivery notes.

Thank you for quick response @hillel .

That’s great option to have but I am not willing to update at the moment as the new version requires PHP 8.1. Is there any other solution?

For the delivery notes, I just wish to remove the word “Invoice”. When the invoice is converted to delivery notes some of the columns and fields automatically disappear which means there is a way to hide some elements on delivery note. I just need help in that :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not aware of another option.

The template is changed by the code, the app doesn’t support user customizations.