Show Previous balance on Invoice?

Is there a way to show the previous balance (i.e. unpaid invoices) on the invoice? Probably something simple, but I don’t see it. I am Hosted Pro account.


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Sorry no, but you can generate an account statement by clicking ‘View Statement’ on the client overview page.

OK, I see that, but even that has no easy way to email it, and definitely not automate it.

You would need to download the PDF and manually email it.

By automate do you mean email through the app, use with our API/Zapier or something else?

We’ll look into adding an optional ‘Outstanding’ invoice field in our next release to show the client’s full balance…

Love the optional Outstanding field, it would mean I need to keep up with marking stuff paid, but I should do that anyway.


Previous or Outstanding Balance is a necessity for my business. I am on my second month of using this app and while I do like it, I will likely have to move to other software if I can’t figure out how to get the unpaid balance to show on invoices.