Show a custom field on client's page


I have 2 custom fields for my contacts and I need to see it on Client’s page like…

The field has the client’s floor and when I arrive at his building I need to click on “Edit Client” to see the field with the floor.

How can I show the field on the details page?



We’ll look into adding it.


@hillel thank you !

Since we are talking about custom fields, I can’t find a way to put a “payment custom field” to show in the invoice, do you know if it’s possible and how?


I’m not sure if it’s supported, @david can you please advise?


You could try using

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It works fine !

Hello there.

I saw (long time) the custom field was add into the client’s page (thanks for that), although it’s not showing in the mobile app (where I need most) and also, I put some information in the “Private Notes” and it shows in the client’s page but just in the computer, not in mobile either.

Can you see if there’s something you can do?


Are you referring to the Android/iOS mobile app or do you mean when viewing the client portal on a mobile device?

The Android mobile app!

Which version are you using? It seems to work in my tests.

Here’s always updated.

Thanks for the screenshots!

  • Does this client have values set for the private notes and custom field?

  • Which version do you see in the about dialog in the app?


Yes, he has…

Actually, the “private note” is showing (I made a mistake) but the custom field no.

For the version, are you talking about this one?:

Can you please post a screenshot of your client custom field settings?

Sure… here it is…

I mean on Settings > Custom Fields.

Sorry about that…

Here it is.

Thanks! I see the issue, it looks like these are custom contact fields. We’ll look into adding them.

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