Ship to locations

Hello All,

I have several customers that have multiple locations. All billing goes to corporate, however invoices must show the ship to locations. How do I add multiple ship to locations for my customers.

Thank you

Sorry, this isn’t currently supported.

Ouch… Will it be in the near future?

Sorry, no

Why isn’t something like this already in the system? It’s so common to have customers with multiple ship to locations. Not trying to be rude, just curious. I really like what I see in this system, I just really need to be able to add different locations for most of my customers. How are other users handling multiple locations?

Our software is primarily used by people who sell services or digital goods.

We prioritize our work based on feedback from the community, feel free to create an issue/feature request on our GitHub repo.

I’d like to fork the project and add ship-to addresses.

Does github contain everything actually needed to build/run invoiceninja or are there special “secret sauce” components that I’ll be missing?

The app supports ship to addresses, you can add it to an invoice using a custom design.

All of the code is in GitHub, we deploy to production straight from GitHub.

Thanks for the info!

The invoice uses $clientDetails for the client name/address block, but I don’t see anything for “the ship to” address. Is there a variable for this?

I appreciate the help!

Nevermind, I found it. $shipping_address2, etc.