Shifted VAT for european countries

Hello Guys.
I love your product.
I have a white-labelled version and use it for my self-employement. (2nd job)

Recently I had a visit from the local tax-handler.

He was actually surprised by the power of invoice ninja.
But he had some remarks (and I didn’t really find a way to explain it to him or fix it)

The case:
I buy (create expenses in invoice ninja but cannot use or find the shifted VAT option) materials to which I sometimes use for my self-employement or sell it.

Because I buy it on amazon (Germany)
There is something like a Shifting Tax.
So I pay 0% VAT when I buy something from amazon.

I should pay the local percentage to the local tax body.
But I cannot find this kind of option in Invoice Ninja.

Or am I wrong?

Thank you for your help.

If you need more (or better) explanation, feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards

Sorry, I don’t think this is supported