Shift key goes back one tab

In any browser I use, when I push the shift key thinks I am pressing shift-tab, this is ONLY seen in v5 Not in v4, and IT is NOT something on my computer. Has anyone else seen this behavior. It is entirely repeatable, in any text field push the shift key (at least for me the left shift key) and then bam I am back one field. So weird.

I’m not sure, I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

It could definitely be a problem in the app, curious if anyone else reports it.

And this morning I go back in and now the problem is gone. Weird… I wonder what was causing it. (I had the same problem on multiple computers in multiple browsers.)

It’s happening here too; I am using self-hosted version v5.3.18-C59.
When adding a new item to an invoice if I press shift it will behave like tab XD
I have recorded a video showing the unexpected behaviour: